Sunday, January 8, 2012

*A New Year* guest post by Jackie

Hello there, lovely readers. 
My name is Jackie, and I live at the House of Sarager.

I'm thrilled to be sharing some tips about goal writing.
I am somewhat of an expert.

At BYU I look classes on goal writing.
As a Special Ed Teacher, I used to get paid to write goals.
I guess that makes me a professional goal setter.

First thing's first.
I LOVE this quote.

When performance is measured, performance improves. 
When performance is
measured and reported back,
the rate of improvement accelerates. 
T. S.

So, with the end goal of accelerated performance in mind,
I share with you some practical goal writing tips:

1. Make your goal measurable!

Have a clear defined way to see progress.

2. State your goal in a positive manner!

If possible, make a goal for what you will do, not what you won't do.

3. Use benchmarks!

Break big goals down into smaller, more attainable goals.

4. Lastly, find a way to report your performance.

Whether it be to a friend, here, or just in your journal--
be sure you are accountable for your goals.

I promise, you will see TONS of progress this way!

If you have questions about how to tweak or write your goals
I will try to help in the comments.

OR hare your goals--maybe someone will be inspired.

And come visit at House of Sarager!

Thanks all.
Happy New Year!


Cherie said...

Jackie - Bravo! Great post and I believe that setting goals this way, going for an apple instead of the whole tree (so to speak), makes them very doable :-D

Christina said...

Great ideas- especially about reporting your performance. That accountability is huge for me!

Sue said...

Good job, Jackie. Framing things the right way really makes a difference for me!


Jackie said...

Thank you all. I love each of you! And thank you Carrie for letting me post.

Let me know if I can help anyone write some awesome goals!

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