Friday, February 24, 2012

weird and awesome and maybe funny in retrospect

Good thought for the weekend, no?

I think it is interesting that I have only blogged once since last Friday.  Interesting because it's unusual for a daily blogger like me.  I often feel weird if 2 days go by--but for some reason this week--that weirdness has vanished into a time warp where I just didn't have anything to say.


I have nothing to say?

'Tis true.

But today I was going through some old emails to my friend Mary when I found an awesome one.

Lest I forget what it is like to have a baby.  And appreciate a washer and dryer in my home.  A good story on that here.

Jan 28th, 2007

1:00am --I hear Kai waking up but I don't go to him and he falls back asleep. I think, "maybe I'll get a good nights sleep tonight!"
2:30am --Kai wakes up screaming in his crib...I go to him in the dark and pick him up to see if he needs changed.  Suddenly, I feel something dripping on my toes and turn on the light.  He's dripping with diarrhea...and so is the crib.  The entire crib.
2:40am --I get him out of the tub and am grateful for the smell of cleanliness although I am out of pajamas and have to get him dressed in his daytime clothes.
2:43am --I forget the smell of cleanliness as I throw everything that is soiled into a huge black contractor bag and tie it up.  I think to myself that crib bumpers take entirely too long to get off.
2:54am --back to sleep with Kai in bed with me
3:30am --Brianna wakes up screaming and I am so tired that I let her in bed with us too.
4:45am --I wake up to Kai and myself being thrown up on by Brianna. 
4:48am --- Everyone gets in the shower.
4:55am --- I get everyone dressed again and attempt to calm upset and sick children.
5:05am ---Remove all my bedding and put it in a huge black contractor bag and place it right next to the other bag in the hallway. 
5:25 --back to sleep
6:00am --I wake up to the sound of Kai hitting the designated throw-up metal bowl with a candle and laughing.

I guess today is Laundry Day.

Love, Carrie


And speaking of weird.  I have to go back and correct the word WEIRD every time I write because I always put the I before E.  Awesome.


Amy said...

Beautifully documented a disgusting event. Poop. Where would we be without poop stories?

At least Kai was laughing at the end.

Sue said...

We've all been there. And rued the day! (or night...)


Garden of Egan said...

I'm exhausted just reading that story. I so remember those days.

Alli Blue said...

I have lived this. Just insert the names:







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