Monday, March 19, 2012

A couple things I learned from my trip to Hong Kong:

 (on the subway to Sha Tin)

1.  Traveling sucks.  Between 2 flights and layovers and transport to and from the airport it took me 22 hours to get home.  So gross.

2.  We are WAY behind in technology.  I felt like I stepped into some futuristic movie with all the scan cards to get you everywhere.  Scan the card for the bus, the subway, the whatever.  I felt like all that was missing was an eye scan-which just might be in the works considering they seem to be on top of things.

3. When you make spaghetti and meatballs realize that it will taste gross.  For some reason,  cooking Italian food does not translate well in Asia--even if it's a tried and true recipe you make in the States. Ingredients? Air humidity?  Who knows.

4.  Skype is the best thing ever so that you can see your family.  Especially when they are completely passed out with ear infections, a virus, and bronchitis and crap--you can't do a thing about it. So just smile and wave at the computer screen at 2am since it's a different day and an earlier hour for them.

5. The jet lag.  Oh the jet lag.  Just remember that there are thousands who have walked--er--flown before you.  And don't EVER eat the airplane food. 

6. It's really nice to see your best friend. 

That about sums it up!  Pictures will come shortly...


Sue said...

I remember when my son came home from his mission in the Philippines. He had the worst jet lag ever. EVER!

Glad you got to make the trip! And glad you are safely home, too.


Amy said...

I'll keep these things in mind. I want to skype my family while they're on vacation this summer, since I'll be stuck at home 9 months pregnant. I think that'll be fun.

Glad you're home safe and that you had fun!

Cherie said...

Jet lag really sucks big time. It takes me a week seriously!

But I am so glad you had a good time and I cannot wait to see your pictures. Hong Kong is on my "someday" list!!

Oh and it is so interesting about the technology. Very cool

Garden of Egan said...

I can't imagine technology could become more advanced.
Makes me scared to see what is coming.

You are a couple of cute girls.`

Mary Seals said...

Only FIVE full days and you gained some serious empathy for my life. Awesome.

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