Tuesday, April 24, 2012

life with them is a gift

+I love how Rowdy called me to say that he bought a 128oz jar for Marinara from an Italian store because he saw the person ahead in line do it and it looked amazing.  And how when we tried it at home he said, "Well, I make better but it's sure fun to have a huge jar in the fridge just in case we want some pasta one night-and 50 nights after."

+I love how Kai has a zillion stuffed animals.  I adore it, actually.  He and Brianna get into nightly fights about how she got the Webkinz frog at Christmas (whom she named Lola) and how it's just not fair that he can't have it.  I found him a stuffed parrot that he named Pete to hopefully replace this void in his heart. It seems to be working thus far.

+I love that sugary cereal makes my kids weep for joy.  I don't usually buy it, but this week has been especially heart-hard so I caved when I saw a special for $1.88 a box.  Apparently, Manna from Heaven comes in the form of Lucky Charms.

+I love that Rowdy makes every dinner we make into a super meal.  Sometimes I just want to pop a frozen pizza in the oven (gosh I don't remember the last time I bought one of those), but instead we have to make homemade gyoza's and fried rice, and since we have rice made let's make some musubi, and since we are already going all Asian-esque let's make some chow mein.  

+I love that Brianna says that she is known as a a Sport's Star at school because she is the champion at tetherball.  And how so and so has a crush on her but, "don't worry mom I won't have a boyfriend until I am older".  

+I love that a night at my house can be listening to records and playing Go Fish and reminding the kids that tomorrow they have to clean up their room.  Even though tomorrow was supposed to be today and the chances of it staying clean are slim...

+I love how a good book can make you so so so grateful for all that you have and reminds you that being a Wife and Mother is above all...a gift. 


Sue said...

What a lovely picture of your daughter.

You have much to be grateful for!


Anonymous said...

I love this post. Your family is so wonderful. I am sure that is largely because of who you are.

The place I found the other day is in Bellevue: between friends. i can't believe there aren't more in Seattle! i imagined there would be fantastic ones there - everywhere! i was focused on the jewelry though and had three of my kids with me so didn't spend time to check out the clothing or shoes... there is another one: reDress or something, but i didn't go there.

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