Tuesday, April 10, 2012

the real happy

Today I deleted a blog from my reader because it was too GOOD.  Like...sickeningly sweet happy good.  That sounds so awful--I know--but I just couldn't read any more updates on total bliss.  Give me some good 'ol fashioned crazy life, please.  I need an argument once in awhile and less swooning and more sassiness and less lovey-dovey melting comments.

Let's be real here.  Can you REALLY be that happy?  And yet-- I know they are.  I just can't read it right now, folks. Makes me feel unhappy to read such happiness. Haha! I am such a martyr.

My original purpose in reading such wonderful-ness was for inspiration because isn't that why we read blogs?  Mental inspiration-visual inspiration-etc.  But I hit a moment when I began to feel like my own life wasn't good enough or as perfect and that thought is NOT good. Kinda defeats the purpose, no? 

So.  I hit the unsubscribe button and here I am--completely content with my imperfect life once again.


Speaking of which-- it is Spring Break around here for the kiddo's.  2 working parents makes a week like this HARD.  But we are trying to be cool and fun.  I mean, it comes so naturally so we don't have to try TOO hard.

Peace out.


Amanda said...

I have blogs like that, too, that I had to stop reading. After a certain point, they just start making me depressed, becauase why isn't MY life like that, ya know? Glad I'm not the only one!

Amy said...

That's why I quit reading "Seriously so Blessed." I know it's kind of a joke blog making fun of people who only blog perfection, but I seriously wanted to punch that lady.

Cherie said...

Life is definately not perfect. I have to admit I try to look on the bright side most of the time but sometimes it feels good to just let one rip - Oh hell!!

Stef said...

I too like real blogs best. Because I can relate to them. The same way I can relate to coming into a house that is chaotic...because then I feel at home. So if you aren't looking for happiness, come to my blog. Wait, that sounds bad. Whatever...we are all real!

Carrot Jello said...

I don't think a happy blog means their life is perfect. This is just the side they've chosen to display.
People used to ask me how I could be so happy all the time on my blog. They said they would come to my blog if they needed to feel happy. Little did they know I was going through the darkest time of my life.

Sue said...

I like a more balanced blog myself...so I hear ya.


The Nedrys said...

I was just catching up on your blog and read this post. One of the reasons I like reading your blog is because it is "real" and I can relate to you. My SIL blogs very similarly to you and I love hers as well. But, I do think some people just want different things out of their blog. For me, it is basically a photo album of our lives and it rarely houses the craziness, family illnesses or frustrations I feel on a daily basis. When I read this, I had to chuckle though because I often compare myself to blogs (like yours) and think, I have nothing that interesting, helpful, or insightful to say like she does.

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