Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Every day I

This bouquet is so gorgeous.

-wake up feeling absolutely exhausted (even with 8 hours of sleep)
-work out (if I get at least 8 hours sleep)
-make and drink a green smoothie.
-hang my pajama pants on the bathroom door (because 1 night doesn't make them dirty, right?)
-take a shower/hair/maybe makeup
-take a vitamin.
-give kids breakfast.
-take Spike out while Rowdy takes Brianna to school.
-lament that I had to take Spike out.
-grab my cell phone and keys and go to work.
-push paper. listen to people.  fix problems. gripe. smile. 
-write a blog post on my lunch break.  check emails. respond.
-try really hard to get through my work day with a good attitude.
-pick up kids from bus stop.
-go back to work.
-go home at least an hour after I am supposed to.
-take Kai to swim lessons Mon and Wed
-take off shoes and put on some stretchy pants;)
-make dinner if it's my night.
-take Spike out
-wonder why my kids are always so hyper.
-do the dishes/clean up kitchen.
-play UNO or Go Fish with the kids  
-read kids a book or two and put to bed/bedtime routine.
-wash face/moisturize.
-edit photos.
-check emails.
-watch tv or movie/read.
-double check my kids to make sure they are covered and that they are breathing.
-hubby time.
-fluff pillows.  crawl into bed.

Start all over tomorrow.


likeschocolate said...

Your a mother. Gorgeous photos!

Alli Blue said...

Holy crap! Mine is exactly the same!

{minus the work out}
{and drink a green smoothie}
{and I work from home, so stretchy pants are my uniform, even whilest running errands}
{and we don't have a dog}

Ok, not exactly the same, but I feel ya!

Sue said...

I never realized you lived such a lazy lifestyle...


Jocelyn Christensen said...

You rule. I've traded daily blogging for daily naptime! You can slap me now! ;)

Anonymous said...

You must go to bed at midnight ;) Either that or you’re amazingly productive. I am when I put my mind to it...and when I stop spending hours looking amazing ideas like yours!

Carrie said...

Lauren- haha! I DO go to bed at midnight:)

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