Friday, July 13, 2012

Reminisce and a Winner

 (picture taken by my old Seminary teacher in Perry, Oklahoma)

I heard thunder this morning.  That's not normal in this neck of the woods, and it took me back to a land of lightening storms and massive clouds that you can see for miles (Oklahoma).  Such a great memory of youth.
Do you have a great memory of a place you lived?  Like a feeling you reminisce with if you hear or smell something?

And Oh! Winner of the lavender sachet is TARA via  
Email me your address, babe:)


sarah said...

Hey Beautifully Talented Woman! So I heart you and your blog, so I have an award for you over on The Blog:

Hope you have a fantastic day! I'm off to catch up on your posts!

Sue said...

Yep, I have great sensory memories of nearly every place I've lived.


Blue Eyes said...

I'm with you! I'm miss thunderstorms in Oklahoma too. Remember that one time a funnel cloud was forming over our house, and we all went outside to look at it instead of going inside for shelter? haha! good times!

Amy said...

Thunder storms are some of my favorite. I get all giddy the louder and bone rattling it is. And wind? Oh my goodness, I love wind! I think I would like living in OK minus the tornado threat. That bit scares me.

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