Thursday, August 2, 2012

August is here

*Yesterday was Rowdy's Birthday.  I was the cool wife who got him gifts he actually likes (yay me!) and we spent the day having good food and getting a babysitter to watch the kids while we went to see Batman (fantastico).  I also tried to be super creative with thoughtfulness and compete with myself from years past (like this one), but time got the better of me and I was ill prepared.  The one thing I did manage to scrounge together was getting some of Rowdy's friends/family to write memories of him and then I printed them out and taped them all over the livingroom to see when he woke up.  He liked it.

*On Sunday we will have been married for TWELVE years.  A DOZEN years, people.  I really can't believe it. If you missed it on our 10th year anniversary, here's how our story began...

*And then lastly I was overcome with emotion when I saw this.  Makes you want to be a better parent, no?


Stef said...

Sometimes I forget.

Amy said...

I hope I never forget.

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