Monday, August 13, 2012

for the beauty of the earth

When I was a teenager I was a full-blown 1800's addict. Give me any prairie-style or English romance and I was all for swooning.  Fire wood chopping, reading by candle light, visiting in the parlour romance.  My first prom dress, in fact, had an Empire waste because I was on a Sense and Sensibility kick.  This year I made the decision to read EVERY Jane Austen book (even though it was actually a last year goal).  So far, I have just begun, but it excites me to no end.  Upon pondering, I think a lot of the desire for such romance is the romance with nature.  Each 1800's movie or place is in a time where building was not so much building and more land.  Beautiful, rich, and vast green land.

During a recent weekend, I was reminded of that same passion.
The simplicity of nature.

Living in a city has it's rewards, but I have come to the conclusion that my soul also needs the country at times.  Thankfully, a family member just moved to a place that has that life in abundance, and so for a weekend away it's really the perfect way to recharge. On our recent visit, I was really overcome with the beauty of nature and how my senses craved what it didn't know it was missing.  I actually took a breath. A much needed breath.  And what a necessity that was.

With that said, I want to encourage all of us to experience land right now...wherever you are.  Take a breath.  Drink it in.  Remember a time and place where this beauty was all around.  Even if you are in the desert.  Even if cold is already around the corner.  

 This Earth is beautiful.


Sue said...

Being out in nature makes me happy, too. And peaceful. And uplifted.


Amy said...

Such lovely pictures! I quite agree on how the beauties of nature help us to recharge.

And I wish I could go out and enjoy the beauty of the desert.
I really wish I could.

But it's 115 out.
I'm very sorry.
There will be no enjoyment until the lows drop below 80.

Amy said...

Breathtaking. I too have a love affair with nature. It doesn't matter where on earth you are, if it is natural, it is beautiful. When I get angry or upset with my husband, he makes me take a trip up into the mountains (they are literally 5 minutes away) because I always lose those negative emotions when I am surrounded by the peace, serenity and beauty the earth has to offer.

Bellenza Bistro said...

The earth IS beautiful! So wonderful of you to capture it in pictures. :-)

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