Sunday, August 26, 2012

Got Milk? Baby Shower 2

I realized...finally...that it is OKAY to recycle your own party ideas.  I mean, if you have the decorations and concept, why not, right?

 In this case my friend Megan was having her 2nd baby girl, and felt like she didn't really need any gifts so we settled on a very intimate group of people with some dang cute decor and eats.

I incorporated some of what I had with my original Got Milk? Baby Shower, and then brought in some NEW.   So even when using a lot of what I did before, I made it different enough that it had it's own personality to make each baby shower individually special. 

Oh--I only WISH this was my backyard--but a lovely lady at church let me crash her place for the event. 


I brought in a few cute chalkboards to write Got Milk? and placed them throughout the area.

I was recently given this cardboard milk bottle carrier and I couldn't wait for the right opportunity to use it!

I found some vintage individual serving Ice Cream Cups on Etsy and since I didn't want to put ice cream in them that might melt, I placed 2 Oreo's in each cup instead.

I still adore my little vintage milk bottle cap cake banner that I made the first time!  I placed it over some sweet old-fashioned donuts.

Red+white striped straws made for the perfect pop of color.

  Cute gingerbread cookies a guest made!

I blew up some 17 inch white balloons and added white and black fringed streamers to tie to the tables.  Then I threw some Milk Duds and Milky Way candy bars around the table for guests to grab.

Lastly, I set up the fabulous "GOT MILK? Photo Shoot" with a black sheet, glass of milk with a  straw, and a chalkboard to hold with the famous logo.
 Hint:  Use heavy cream or white frosting to make the mustache!

Got Baby?


Mrs in Training said...

This shower is precious! LOVE the theme!

Kelsey Poofy Cheeks said...

I love all of the vintage decor!

likeschocolate said...

Super cute! Love the new twist on the theme!

Sue said...

What fun! And so creative.


Bellenza Bistro said...

All those vintage-y labels and containers, etc. are just so cute!

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