Monday, September 10, 2012

Outside and a Mother's Plea

Today I have been thinking about what I have and what I do not.  I don't like this train of thought, because it never fails to go where I don't want it to go. However, I am trying to be proactive about it and just figure out how to solve things...and then hopefully my lopsided perception will even out a bit more.

We are struggling with a happy ever after in our family. We live in an apartment while my hubby's business is growing and are waiting to finally settle down somewhere.  My son is unhappy.  We need a backyard so he can run around and discover and do something other than video games/TV.  I feel totally out of options because there is no where for my kids to PLAY.  PLUS--the rainy Seattle season is coming and then we are truly out of options and stuck inside.  I work, which means I can't spend the day coming up with grandious crafts and projects to entertain indoors--and it is unreasonable to think that I can take them to the park every single day.  I seriously don't have the tools to give our kids the life I want to give them in the moment.  That totally totally sucks.   

I know our living situation will not be like this forever.  But I yearn to know what I can do now--because a solution is needed for peace in my children's life to finally arrive.  

So dear readers (are you there?), what can we do?  How can I give my kids a life that they deserve when where we live is not ideal for their growth?  How do people do it when you can't go outside and play? 


Amy said...

How I wish I knew. We get stuck indoors during the summertime here but at least we can go swimming.
Especially as a working Mom... that has to be so hard. I wish I had a solution for you.

likeschocolate said...

What about an after school sport? Maybe, you could team with another mother who might be in the same situation and trade off taking them to the park. We play outside even when it is lightly raining. In countries like Germany and Sweden the children just dress according to the weather. Rain you wear a rain jacket and snow you where hat and mittens. I grew up in Alaska where it can get pretty cold. We played outside regardless.

However, I don't work and I can't take my children to the park every day either. They read, have playdates, and do a sport. Then we make weekends really count. After church we go for walks or go for a bike ride as a family. Good Luck!

heather said...

I think every place must have drawbacks -at least seasonally.

And I think you are an awesome mom. The fort bag you created is the first thing that comes to mind. Next comes what we did when we were stuck inside for hours and days on end (during the summer months in arizona) my mom did daycare to make ends meet so we always had extra playmates around & we created all kinds of imaginary games where blankets became raging oceans and lego boxes long lost treasures. We played a version of boxcart children & used closets as caves... My dad would occasionally bring home giant cardboard boxes from work or scavenger for them behind appliance stores.
Money was tight, we didn't get to go places very often, we didn't get new toys very often.

I don't know how you feel about watching other people's children -I couldn't do what my mom did (unless it was an only option & I guess that's what it was) but it served our family well. There are people willing to pay good money to keep their kids out of daycares. ?

Lisa S said...

We have two girls, 3 years apart. They were raised in apartments, and then we bought our 900sq ft condo, 2 bdrms 1 bath 12 years ago. I never thought I would be in this type of housing once we purchased our own place, but it was what we could afford. I decided that kids really don't care where they live as long as mom and dad have good attitudes, are happy, because 'Home' is where you make it. It seems like your son is unhappy because he senses that from you. Be happy where you are now, and embrace the adventure and his attitude will change. If he does some complaining, a response you could give him so that he owns his attitude is,"wow that's too bad. What are you going to do?" Then allow him to come up with his own solution, of which he probably already has one.
My girls were lucky to have friends who had their own rooms, back yards to run around. But they did use the grass areas around our 4 unit building, and generally made their own fun.
My girls now? One is 22 and serving a mission, and the other is 19 and on break from BYU I. You should see what I've done to their room. lol

Jenn said...

Can you have them come up with something creative? Sort of like a game? The winner of the two is the idea they will do? Build forts, make cardboard castles, knit/crochet crowns, origami, count m&m's in a jar. I have a BILLION ideas.

But I think with their ages if you let them come up with the ideas, they will have more fun with it.

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