Thursday, October 4, 2012

Carrie's Christmas Gift Guide {for toddlers}

Yes.  It's true.  I am already thinking about Christmas gifts.  I can't help myself--I don't like procrastination.  PLUS, if I plan ahead I can give better gifts than anyone else.  Heehee.

So...with that said...


I wanted to share THIS ETSY SHOP with you because

1) I think her wooden play food is amazing and modern.
2) I believe in buying handmade. 
3) Wood toys are just about the best and most classic toys in the world.  
4) Jennie is an old friend and I can vouch puts tons of care into everything she makes. The Nativity is so darling and I just die over the loaf of bread, BLT sandwich, and fried eggs. 


Everything she makes is hand cut, hand sanded, hand painted with non-toxic paint, and buffed smooth.

My kids are too old for this particular type of play toys, but you can bet when I get pregnant again I am going to buy her whole shop.

I also just checked out her Facebook Page and she's offering 10% off an order to whoever LIKES it

When your cute kid or niece or nephew ooohs and ahhhhs over your present, you can send me some chocolate as thanks.

 Now go forth and buy cute wood!

*I am receiving no compensation for this post--I just wanna share my fun finds!  Unless you want to give me some money for sharing it with you.  In which, case...that's totally cool.

1 comment:

McKenna said...

Love those chips! I was looking for some wooden food for Ellie for Christmas! (She's getting Carmella's old wooden kitchen play set and I'm super excited. )

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