Sunday, October 31, 2010

Our Halloween {in pictures}

Notes taken by light of the full moon:
  • Kai's costume was made by my mom.  It's freak'n fantastic.
  • Brianna's mole on her chin could quite possibly be the scariest thing we saw all night.
  • Comments such as "wanna touch my ears?"  and "does this hat make me look too sparkly?" were common around here. 
  • Candy.Candy.Candy.
  • I take credit for all the creepy coolness my children ooze.

And to all a good Hallows Eve Night!


CB said...

They both look super GREAT!! Love the tights your little witch had too.

Jocelyn Christensen said...

THAT MOLE. Is going to give me nightmares! LOL

likeschocolate said...

Great shots! Love the costumes! Happy Halloween!

Pasion Family said...

Love them all and the mole!

Vanessa said...

Love all the pics, there were many Batmans out there this year... Maybe the kids know something we don't.

Amy said...

So much fun. One day I'll get to dress up my kiddos and paint their faces and ooh and ahh. Can't wait!

Stef said...

Love those pictures. I love the tights. We have a Batman suit like that...only my boys are all too little and so the mucles about choke them. Yours looks cute!

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