About Me

I'm Carrie.

I am from handmade clothes, Winnie the Pooh decor,
Amish country and homemade sticky buns.
I am from the front line of eleven children,
moments of mothering when I should have been playing,
but loving that role anyway.
I am from a life of travel,
experiencing every side of the country
and stopping at every historical battleground.
I am from bedtime stories of Davy Crocket,
western movies,
Titanic songs and a night sky with flying saucers.
I am from burning hot desert family vacations,
riding in a rusty station wagon with green vinyl seats,
sleeping six children in the back.
I am from swinging,
praying so so hard.
I am from long drives to church,
peanut butter cheese crackers
and homemade movies.
I am from nervous first days at school,
hoping to fit in again,
I had hit puberty two years later.
I am from where the winds come sweep'n down the plains,
magazine collages and Braum's ice cream.
I am from humid summer days with wind in my hair,
random photo shoots in fields with cows,
red hot cinnamon candies in the basement
with musty smells and thrift store finds.
I am from courage,
wit and sarcasm,
fear of failure,
and surprising strength in the midst of trials.
I am from sitting on my orange couch in the attic,
lilac candles and
watching Christmas lights year round.
I am from a world where dreaming is encouraged,
where art is what we mold from our hands,
where creativity is burnt into your soul.
I am from an orange knit hat,
green vest,
white collared shirt
and torn jeans with water bottle in hand.
I am from the belief that schools should spend more money on the arts instead of football,
that you should laugh only after a two hour cry,
and that high school doesn't really prepare you for college.
College is much easier,
so chill a bit my high school math teacher.
I am from sitting under trees and reading poetry,
writing letters
and listening to Bach.
I am from hippy clothes, dramatic journal entries and double stuffed oreos with milk in a jar.
I am from a romantic comedy beginning, a husband that laughs at my sarcastic jokes,
and likes me in spite of them.
I am from
the fear
and joy
of motherhood,
the pain of natural childbirth,
and the confidence that it all entails.
I am from the knowledge that I am from so much more,
that there is no beginning nor end,
that eternal love is felt when I look into the eyes of my child, and that every being on earth has a heart that is good.


Heather said...

I am totally sharing this with my writing group!! This is on our to do list.=)

Unknown said...

I just love this! beautiful and evocative!

Lindy Gaskill said...

You inspire me with your words. Love your way. Love and peace to you.

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