Sunday, April 15, 2007

people I love...

In no particular order: That person in China who misses me. That person who bought me a gift for when I have a "bad day"...I'm supposed to call her when it happens....because she knows it will happen. That person who posts to my blog all the time. That person who wants to make sure our friendship is worth continuing even though she's moving and won't be able to listen to my baby moniter anymore. That person who feeds my family great food for an entire weekend and knows how to coupon shop. That person who loved me the moment she saw my skirt. That person who takes her entire family out in the freezing rain to walk for my husband. That person who one day..I know...will have another child. That person who thinks I'm just "so creative". That person who is more than just a real estate agent. That person who has 2 guys in love with her...and she's too good for either of them. That person who always knew I was perfect for her son.

Thank you for being a part of my life.


Lulucarrot said...

What a neat post! I love that you are a regular blogger these days. It is so fun. Any chance you guys will stop in Georgia this summer? Mike and I had planned to walk in the MS walk but I had to work the night before and I was not in good shape with no sleep! We still love the Rowdystroudys though!

Agnes Minerva said...

You need to tell me when I can come over to help you get set up on 'the flowers that we left in the ground' - because this should be posted there. Excellent writing, my dear!

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