Friday, April 20, 2007

Funny things she says...

*I made a Family Home Evening chart since Brianna really loved the concept of switching who does what each week. This was also done in the hopes that we actually have FHE each week (confessions of a busy woman). Well, I only had our 4 names: Aaron, Carrie, Brianna and Kai. Brianna was so upset and she confessed why to my friend. She said, "Why isn't Spike on here? He can do things too! He can eat, and poop, and be stinky. Oh, wait. Maybe those aren't good things. Maybe we can only do good things."

*I finally got a copy machine for my office. I was having to make a zillion copies on my fax machine a day and it literally drives me crazy because it's so slow. I overheard Brianna say, "Do you know what this machine is? It's a machine that makes mommy work faster!"

*I have a purple preschool book with all the parents names and phone numbers in it. She picked it up one day and told my friend Sarah, "Do you know what this book is? It's the book Mommy uses to call people to pick me up and go do fun things when she doesn't want to."

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Lulucarrot said...

That child ain't right! Savannah said today (keep in mind this is in Savannah speak which is a very special dialect of the english language) "Cant love you mom." Me- "What? Savannah I always love you!" "No love (wove) me, no leave blythes house."
The jist of that is that My daughter does not love me nor believe that I love her if I take her away from Blythes house too early. She is 4! I thought I had until puberty to hear that she doesn't love me!

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