Friday, April 20, 2007

Why you should come visit us in Seattle..

Robby came to visit us for his spring break. We went to Pike place and got some great views of the space needle (which is honestly one of the smallest buildings in our city) Just for kick' is our Seattle itinerary for anyone who comes to visit us:
At Pike Place Market... get fish thrown at you at the famous fish market and taste smoked salmon, eat the best donut holes ever, eat the best strawberry-nutella-banana with whipped cream crepes ever, buy bread and cheese and olives and meat at the italian specialty store for dinner that night, eat chicken gizzards (that is aaron one-and-only), buy an overpriced mermaid for Brianna because she can't find hers from last time, eat meatballs that taste like mom-moms, taste test olive oil, buys some famous jerky, buy CHEAP flowers, get the clown man to make Brianna a flower balloon, sit on the bronze pig, enjoy all the local artists and vendors.
THEN, we go to Kerry Park to overlook the city and then make our way to China town which is Aaron's absolute favorite place EVER. We eat duck, humbows, drink bubble tea and go to Uwijamaya which is an awesome asian supermarket with anything that you could possible need to cook with.
THEN, we go to Snoqualmie falls to visit a gorgeous waterfall. We can choose to hike down there or not, it's beautiful either way.
If we really like you, we'll go to famous Salty's for their brunch!...just ask Carmella and Annette how awesome it is!


Agnes Minerva said...

Wow, your Seattle visitors have a way better time than ours! :) Actually, most of ours have been here already so now we're usually just humdrum whatever. Do you ever go see the troll under the Aurora bridge? Or the huge statue of Lenin in Fremont (one of my personal favorites)?

rowdystroudys said...

I never have! You'll have to tell me where they are!

Lulucarrot said...

Okay how long will you be there? I think we could swing up there! Got room for (very) Rowdy Carruths?

Lulucarrot said...

So I looked at these pictures closer and have one question... When the Heck did Robbie Stroud grow up? He looks so Handsome and OLD! He had such a babyface for so long, I can't believe it!

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