Friday, July 13, 2007

Mt. Hood in Oregon

Aaron climbed Mt. Hood the first weekend in July! It was an amazing feat, considering he's never climbed a mountain before. He trained hard in the short 1 1/2 months he had after the quick decision to do it with his high school buddies. Spencer Wight, Erik Witbeck and Aaron all began hiking the mountain Friday night and ended their hike on Saturday. 10 hours with wind chill temperatures below 0 degrees and terrain rougher than they all expected. I was of course, freaking out the whole time..but I knew he would come home. It gave me comfort to know his friends were so experienced and I know that there is a trust level among them that is so rare. I'm so proud of my hubby!


Solnichka Maya said...

Awesome pictures! Aaron looks like he's lovin' it up there...even if he really wasn't so much. :)

Hillybug said...

Congrats Aaron! We miss you guys! Are you going to make it down this way in the fall? We would love to have you!

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