Thursday, July 19, 2007

I just have to ask...

(Without sounding too inappropriate)
Is there a mother on this earth who gets to go to the bathroom ALONE?? I swear, the moment I walk into the bathroom I have 2 kids tagging along behind me. Even if I lock the door--they sit outside asking questions.

Brianna opens the door: "Mom! Can I have some blueberries please?"
Me: "I'll get them for you in a minute...can you just wait until I come out?"
Brianna closes the door and then opens it again: "Okay, but can I also have some strawberries and an apple but you have to cut it into slices 'cause that's the way Kai and I like it."
Me: "Yes. Please close the door."
Brianna closes the door and stands outside: "Can I go eat it outside? And what do you think about putting my hair into 2 ponytails today? I only want 2 'cause I don't like it when you do more than that."
Me: "Fine. For goodness sakes..PLEASE just let me have a moment alone."
Brianna opens the door and Kai comes barrelling through surprisingly unnoticed due to my distraction with Brianna who says: "Okay. I'll be waiting in the kitchen. And then you will get me the fruit that I want and then I will go eat it outside and then can we watch the Little Mermaid?"
Me totally annoyed: "FINE! NOW GO AWAY PLEASE!"
She finally leaves..but wait..there is ANOTHER child who has yet to make his declarations.
Kai stops and stares at me with hair gel all over his hands and says: "hm?"


Hillybug said...

i am laughing! and agreeing. . .and laughing some more. i also think it is funny that you never get to eat anything alone. the real kicker is if you have just fed your kids the same thing but then they didn't want it, it's only now because you have it!

Solnichka Maya said...

You know what is so funny about this?...I remember being the kid outside the door of the bathroom and asking totally un-urgent but somehow totally important quetions of my parents. I don't even bother shutting the door now...

Agnes Minerva said...

Ay-freakin'-men! Were you at the Stake Women's Conference a month or so ago? I can still hear the strains of a couple sisters singing (to the tune of Somewhere Over the Rainbow): "Let me go to the bathroom - all alone!" Oy!

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