Saturday, September 15, 2007

Dinner at the Stroud's

We had a fantastic dinner tonight that Aaron prepared. Afterwards I reflected on our conversation and thought..."hmm..does everyone have a conversation like that?"

Aaron's Famous Steak topped with chantrelle mushrooms sauteed in a browned butter sauce
Fingerling Potatoes tossed in olive oil and fresh parsley
Fresh green beans blanched and then sauteed with cracked peppercorns
Layered Banana Pudding with homemade whipped cream
"Aaron, this steak is fantastic as usual. It seriously melts like butter in my mouth."
"Well I tried something different this time. Clearly it's the cut of meat that no one knows about. The history of it is that the butcher kept this specific piece for himself. Better than ribeye any day!"
"I love that it's so charred yet's not dry at all! How do you do it?"
"I realized that when the meat is too cold or wet, you don't get a good seer and there is no carmelization..which effectively is what makes a great steak in the first place."
"Oh, well, that's just brilliant! I also adore these potatoes. The parsley is just right! I know you like the green beans cooked longer, but I can't seem to manage to get past the crisp blanching that I love so much. I just adore that crunch! Plus the color is fantastic."
"I agree."
"I also just love these chantelle mushrooms. The butter sauce melts in your mouth and pairs perfectly with the meat. There is definitely a tanginess to them that make them a more desired choice over ordinary button mushrooms."
"Yes, I thought so too. Fantastic meal! The only thing we are missing is a crunchy loaf of french bread and some roasted garlic. Oh well, we'll remember for next time."
*This conversation is, of course, all the while we are sitting on the couch with tv trays watching the Florida State vs. Colorado game. I swear, we should have been food critics.


Agnes Minerva said...

Oh to be a fly on the wall during all your dinner conversations! I love that you guys use words like "adore" and "fantastic" and such.

This post is so good, it almost makes me want a steak. :)

Lulucarrot said...

Our Conversations are definitley NOT about cuisine.

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