Monday, October 29, 2007

Halloween PART-EH!

***Trick-or-Treating pictures have been added plus yummy donut and birthday cake pictures! Cortney, Jenni, and I made the "surprise" cake for Rachel's 30th birthday on Halloween. The big "30" was a big deal, so we had to make a big cake.

This picture is of Brianna at a party this past Saturday at one of her friends. She changed from the little mermaid, to the little mermaid on dry land during the day, to a witch without a hat within 5 minutes of our leaving to get there on time!
Check out our Halloween Party here. But are in for a scare! These photos are done in an eerie texture to signify the I don't need any "wow..I thought you were a photographer so why are these so bad?...comments:) Okay..the truth is there really are some pretty bad pictures..but I think it works due to the dark and dreery just appease me, okay?
We had it at my place because it is already so ghetto-fabulous, but I can barely take any credit. Four super creative mom's can come up with some super creative stuff, I tell ya!

I'm also gonna add some trick-or-treat pictures too, so check back later this week!


Agnes Minerva said...

Love it, love it, love it! The photos, and Brianna's costume drama - her makeup looks superb, by the way! What a great party.

Just the Three of Us said...

I can't wait to see those pictures! Brianna looks awesome! No ajusting of the seashells here :) I would have to agree! Great Party!

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