Thursday, November 1, 2007

All Hallows Eve

Trick Question: What makes this picture so fantastic?

I LOVE Halloween. Not the scary or gruesome stuff because we don't celebrate more than a "boo-hoo" around here, but instead I love the mystique and the chilly air and fabulous costumes that makes everything seem oh-so romantic. Yes..romantic! After all, wasn't it Romeo and Juliet that fell in love while masked?
Last night we went trick-or-treating and it was SO FUN and SO GIGGLY. It was Kai's first Halloween out and Brianna was definitely old enough to want to get dressed up hours before it was time to go. But it was AARON who was the biggest kid of them all! At 5:15pm he came into the bedroom and literally pulled me out of bed wanting to leave right then (no..I was not sleeping..I had just collapsed 5 minutes earlier due to complete Halloween Day Exhaustion)! He was so ready that I just had to put my painful but sassy red boots back on and get the kids dressed and ready. We went to this great neighborhood that our Bishop lives in and parked before ANYONE else was there. I think we were officially the 1st to ring a doorbell and beg for candy.

Tidbits from our Night of Tricks:

-Kai felt so at home with the idea of random strangers giving him their candy that he walked into every one's house once they opened the door. Aaron kept having to drag him back out.
-Brianna's Little Mermaid costume "seashells" would not stay put so she spent the whole night grabbing them, holding them, and pushing them up. I exclaimed often, "Brianna! Please quit grabbing your seashells!"
-Aaron's tricky plan to get the most candy was to fill up the buckets, dump them out in the community bag in the car, and then refill. Which we did..4 times.
-Aaron loves trick-or-treating because..and I quote.."You never know what you're gonna get!"
-After we finished the door to door procedure we went to our friends house for the best homemade donuts ever and a surprise birthday cake!
-Brianna said, "Wow...I don't think I can handle eating anymore straight sugar." I have to agree.


Hillybug said...

laughing and laughing about aaron-so funny. i love that we are all moms now just trying to survive and enjoy the little things. and i love that you are commenting while i am posting, you are the best!

Sarah said...

I know what the play doh taffy is about - those poor little kids! But, it is SALT water taffy!

Just the Three of Us said...

Is there play dough in the candy wrapper?

Lulucarrot said...

The Aaron comment is just SOOO him! I love it. I like your modest Ariel. Not to be Debbie Downer or anything but you have been so prominent in my thoughts lately. I love you!

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