Thursday, March 13, 2008

The most wonderful movie of the year

This movie was truly one of the best I have ever seen. Besides the fact that it was rated G --such a rarity these days, it was eloquent and personal in a way that I finished watching in awe. A message so pure and simple and I swear on my hot chocolate recipe --- it was a message just for me.

I have watched this movie 5 times this week (with and without my children). The fact that it is a rental makes me want to weep. Sorrow will fill the day it is returned.

The words are thought provoking, the illusions of child-like magic hopeful, and the message to adults and children alike brought giggly tears to my eyes. The reviews are unfortunately tragic and it saddens me that such a public disdain for poetry (as I am calling it) is heard before it was seen. My husband is one of those unfortunate critics, and I say to him (and to those of you who share his calloused adult opinion) ... go blow some bubbles, breath deeply, smell the fresh cut grass, dance on the rooftops, and start to believe in something bigger than yourselves. Then come talk to me again.


Just the Three of Us said...

Completely and thoughtfully agree! We loved this movie...and will be buying it soon I hope. We also watched August Rush last night and I actually stopped breathing during special parts of this. This was one of those I will watch day afer day after day and then hope this becomes a reality...rather then a film. I too thought this movie was made just for me! They need to make more of these types of movies! Good Review Carrie!

staceyj76 said...

Cool! We'll have to check it out!

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