Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Photo Contest Update

so I just read that this baby photo contest I have Kai entered into requires that 50 photos be entered. The contest is seriously lacking. Thank you one and all for voting for Kai (daily) for some of you because HE is winning right now. However, since there arn't enough photos entered...we wouldn't win anything at all. And so I ask this of you.. PLEASE enter a photo of your baby. Your photo might win, who knows? Right now there are only 16 and we need 50. Any baby under 36 months qualifies. IF we win...I'm taking all of you who did this huge favor for me OUT ON THE TOWN! Dinner's on me:)
Go to http://www.americancontests.org/index.php and enter that babe of yours and I will forever be in your debt if we win that $2500..!! You gotta love that "forever in your debt" part, right? And if you don't have a baby...your votes are still very much appreciated:) THANK YOU!!!


Bethanne said...

I entered my Jackson and didn't even vote for him. Bad mom, eh? Good luck!

Hillybug said...

i entered tess and although i want kai to win, i did cast one vote for her. i'm her mom i had to!

Nick and Jessie said...

Hey the site will not allow me to upload any photos!! I tried multiple photos and none of them are working. I will try again later! Sorry :(

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