Thursday, April 3, 2008

Apron and Chocolate Waffle Love

Last night I found a blog that put me on another blog that found my old seminary teacher in Oklahoma! Floods of memories at Sister Mitchell's house came to my mind. She is the best quilter ever, I loved her tie-dye everything phase, she made chocolate waffles and her lessons were truly fabulous and started my school days with such awe and wonder. The 7 of us teenagers (4 being her own) would gather around her kitchen table each morning and learn infinite wisdom as well as randomly fight (we were all family by this point in life) and then laugh it up at the end. Mitchell Girls--I LOVE YOU!

WELL, one of her nieces does this incredible apron swap that made me dance with delight. I just HAD to get in on this one!


lapierrefamily said...

Fun an apron swap, question on your shelf, i looked online i get that is about 5 ft tall, so what do you put on top? Do you do toys they whole way up?

rowdystroudy said...

I put books and buckets with art supplies and more toys as well. Each section is broken up for puzzles, games, purses etc.

Almostgreat said...

So jealous... I want to join the apron swap too!! But the mail system sucks here and I would never be able to ship or receive! Anyway, that is actually mom's sister (her youngest sister). My Aunt. And she has been AMAZED at the overwhelming responses she has gotten each time she has done this! You will have GREAT fun with that apron swap!! Happy Aproning!

J said...


Jeanne said...

Hey Carrie You are so sweet. It is good to hear from you. And Yes Lucy is me younger sister. I was 17 when she was born. You know how that goes.

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