Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Temper Tantrum

"Mother! You have ruined my life by taking that crayon away from me!"
(Let's get a full body shot of this one)"I am so upset that there is nothing in this world that will make me happy right now!"
"Wait! I do so love to pick my nose."
"Yum! All better."

**Due to popular questions on my reply list, my storage boxes in the above pics are from Ikea. Here's the shelves and the boxes that come in 3 colors.


lapierrefamily said...

yummmm tasty! I love you organizational boxes! I need me a bigger house....

wilkinson_fam said...

First of all, Happy Birthday dear sweet Carrie! I am honored to call you friend. Wish we lived closer to celebrate your day together (I would even do your laundry!).

Also, I echo the last comment about the toy room organizational bins. Where did you get them? They are perfect! Clear but opaque, no lids, markable . . . DIVINE! DO TELL! DO TELL!

Cortney said...

I'm glad you got pictures of this one! :)

Sarah said...

These pictures are perfect. Kai is just cracking me up lately - what a guy! I'm glad you caught the feet up in the air AND the nose picking. Classic.

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