Sunday, April 6, 2008

My Food Diary

My friend Sarah posted about this amazing site that I cannot get enough of! I have struggled with knowing if I am eating enough calories versus how much I am exercising, etc. This solves EVERY problem I have ever had. I love the fact that meals that I eat regularly are saved and that they have a recipe file that calculates everything for you. Not only is it totally cost effective at only $9 a month (weight watchers is more than that each week), but it tracks your weight, bmi, charts your exercise, and gives little motivational "good job" comments if your sodium was below the safe level for the day. There is no contract (it's month to month) and I promise you will never feel so good about tracking your health! Fabulous!


Sarah said...

Yay! I'm so glad you're using it!
I used it religiously for about 2 weeks, and then I've been slacking. The site works much better if I actually put my food in, I've found :)
You are encouraging me to get back at it today.

Kelly Parks said...

I love these kind of sites! I use - sounds very similar to my food diary - but it's FREE! It does the same thing w/ calculating calories in recipes, charting exercise, food, etc - it's great. If you try out SparkPeople - put my username (KELLYCURL) in as referring you - then I'll see you've joined. Hope all is well!!

MKShelley said... does every single thing I've ever needed and I've lost 20 lbs in 2 months using it.Oh, and it's FREE.

MKShelley said...

Also, if you join Sparkpeople, my name is Saporous, so look me up =).

Carmella Stroud said...

I just joined another site that does not cost anything to participate..... It is It is there that my true goal of weight loss is posted. Mauricio was looking at Shape Magazine last night and the subscription fell out of the mag. He turned to Sydney and said, this is what your mom wants to look like. Don't I wish! But, it is a start to getting my body of dreams! Love Carmella

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