Monday, July 28, 2008

Story Time!

I am so swamped editing photo shoots, working through mounds of paperwork, organizing the kids clothes (they have waaaayyyyyy to many!), and perhaps being a mom and a wife here and there, that I need a break from the monotony! So--here is the idea:

I'm going to ask you to write a short story (real short) applicable to a certain topic-and it gets tricky because the story has to be about something that actually happened in your life, and then I'll take a vote on the best story. And that story wins. A cupcake or something.
If you make me laugh, your chances of winning are even better:)

Topic: Red Hots
My Personal Story: Laura Mitchell, 6th grade, being tortered by my making her keep redhots in her mouth for 2 minutes. And then she cried. And I felt bad. But not for too long. (add more detail here..etc)

So the TOPIC is....drumroll please....
The Airport
Get creative, people.
Deadline to email me your story--75 words or less--is August 3rd, 2008. Email me at
And I will pick a WINNER. ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh I just love contests.

*Oh--and I totally love it when people look at my photo blog and comment on my work...wahoo for comments!


Josiah said...

I'm sort of a word snob....
torchered= tortured...
Can't wait to see you guys in California!

rowdystroudy said...

haha! It was late at night---I am so embarrassed......:)

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