Sunday, August 31, 2008

Summer Loving happened so fast!

I'm only 3 weeks late posting these. That seems to be my normal time frame. It's like "ya, remember those pictures I took 1 year ago? Well here they are!" Man, I'm awful at picture posting promptness!
Well, the day before I left for San Francisco with my hubby of 8 years, I decided to throw a princess party in the morning, shoot a wedding in the afternoon/evening, pack for said vacation at 12am, then go the airport at 5am and party all weekend long.
I am so young and vivacious, I know:)

First the Princess Party:
People kept asking what the occasion was. Hello? Does there ever have to be a reason to throw a princess party?

Onto our California Vacation:

Rowdy and I at AT&T Stadium in San Francisco for the Dodgers baseball game.

Rowdy and I went on a fantastic amazing stupendous supercalifragilisticexpialadocious weekend away with our friends Hillary and Brandon to celebrate both of our 8 year anniversaries. It was the first time we left both kids and got away, and let me tell you, it was awesome!! We flew GamMommy Stroud up from Georgia with my niece Sydney and the kids played and stayed up too late and ate way too much candy and didn't miss us at all. We ate amazing food, saw famous sites, went to an awesome baseball game, went white-water rafting etc.

Josiah, Aaron, and Brandon

Oh--great story about the rafting: I fell in during some serious level 3 and 4 rapids and Aaron immediately jumped in to rescue me. You are not supposed to do that because your first concern is the raft and oars -but it was such a quick decision for him that he didn't even think it through! Lucky for me, I got back into the boat relatively fast with only a few bruises from the rocks. unlucky for him he got slammed into the current for a lot longer and cuts and bruised covered his entire back! My sweet man, although unsuccessful in MY rescue, his intent was absolutely charming! MY HERO!

I actually stayed in the raft on this one!

super cute hilly and brando

The ginormous Redwoods

Me and Hillary. The hats and hoop earrings were not planned, I promise:) haha!

And then some cute pics when we were playing: (Notice how Kai always has something smeared on his face!)









Bethanne said...

What great pictures (as always) fun that you guys got to get away on your own. I mean, as much as we love our kids, you just need some alone time with our hubbies. And it looks like you had a blast.

Love the Princess Party too. So cute!

Mary Seals said...

Can I have a copy of that picture of you and Aaron? Also, exactly how much WOULD it cost me to have you follow me around photographing everything and making my life look a bit more exciting than it really is?

Cortney said...

Fun picts--all of them! :) Of course I love the princess party pictures, but I think my favorites are of Kai for this post--he looks so happy!

Erik said...

Hi, guys. The pictures look great. It looks like you really had a good time. I saw that you all are moving to Florida. I couldn't help but be unhappy about that. I was really looking forward to seeing you guys when we move up to Oregon. I guess you have to do what you have to do though.

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