Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Up Clean

Kai cracks me up because every time I say "let's clean up" he says, "up-clean!"

So it's official. I am a horrible housekeeper. My house is just messier without my husband around. He is always cleaning up and cooking and picking up where I slack off. I know, I know. I am so lucky. But what good does it do me when he is gone?

You have to give me a break though since I work 2 jobs at home, people. And I am always working on apartment paperwork or photoshoots. Not to mention I try try try to keep things orderly but my kids are filthy! I just feel like I am picking things up 10x a day, and if I don't, well......

hmm? What was that? You are offering to come clean my house every day? Well, if you insist.

Any advice/schedules that you could give me to help me out in this tragic area of my life? Like a routine that really works?

And don't tell me about flylady. She stresses me out.


Sarah in the Middle said...

Yup - if you find that amazing schedule that allows us to be working moms without a disaster-area house, please let me know! (And Gabby doesn't even make messes yet - although she is very time consuming. Leaving Juli un-supervised to make even MORE mess).
Nice to see you working instead of blogging :)

Agnes Minerva said...

Oh, darn I was so hoping someone would have commented with the answer! I am horrible at this ... but I have noticed that the less stuff I have around, the less stuff I have to clean up - when I first realized that, it was so liberating to get out the boxes and donate, donate, donate! Giving Charlotte her own chores (and paying her a penny for each one) helps a little, as does making clean-up a game (lately, we'll play "I Spy With My Little Eye", where each thing that gets "spied" gets put away where it goes). Oh, and turning on the radio helps immensely. After months of really not listening to any music at all, I finally rediscovered how much faster and more fun it is to do the chores. Also, nothing beats late-night laundry folding with a good movie. Okay, that's all I have.

J said...

Pay someone 10 or 12 dollars an hour to come to your house and clean.**Before you think this is ridiculous let me explain. One summer my Mom knew a lady who had a disaster house. The lady had two kids. She didn't know what to do. She was overwhelmed and felt like she couldn't pay someone etc. Well my Mom suggested that she could hire me for a few hours a week after my other job. I was the only person that woman would let in her house. The first time I went she didn't really help much. She showed me a room and said have a go at it. I threw away the stuff I knew was trash. The stuff I wasn't sure about I put in a separate bag. I vacumed and made the bed. When she came in she was amazed! I realize now she was so overwhelmed and embarrassed at first that that is why she didn't come in. Plus she finally felt like something was getting done so she could really play with her kids in a relaxed way. That night her husband came home and he said "WHOA why didn't we do this earlier!?" The next time I came I cleaned in the kitchen. She was excited to see things getting done and suddenly felt like the cleaning was "scheduled." She picked up in the living room. The next time I came I worked in the living room. The time after that we spent several days TOGETHER organizing the kids rooms. When I would leave she would see that something had already gotten done that day. She didn't feel like she had to clean EVERYTHING anymore just SOMETHING. So after I would leave she would fold laundry and do all sorts of stuff. She started getting a lot cleaner. She even got so motivated she remodeled her kitchen one weekend (put up bead board, textured and painted.) It may cost you 100 bucks or 150 or 200 spread out over a month or two or three. But even just ten hours of help can really get you going...
Even if you just have someone come over for one hour twice a week.

So that is what helped that lady. For me what has been helping is A) I try not to own anything and I am seriously getting all craft stuff in check B) I read an article that said the one of the main reason people like vacations is because they can go to hotels and stay in other places where things are simple and clean. They said the cleaner your house is the more on vacation you will feel. So I've been trying it out. It doesn't mean I still don't have laundry and everything but there is some truth to it.

I hope this helps! I love you and good luck!!!

JL said...

Carrie, I love reading your blog! You are so much fun.
My mom (a professional organizer) said the secret to keeping your house clean and organized is to...not have any kids or a husband, hobbies, food, etc. LOL.
You are a great mom! So the house is a mess--who doesn't have a messy house when they have little ones running around and work to do!
I hope things are going well for Aaron. Rick left him a vm the other day--checking up to see how his drive was and how everything was going. Hopefully everything is great! I wish I was there to help. I'd come clean your house. :)
BTW, the pictures of Joanna are so beautiful! You really do great work!

AJ said...

You saw my house. My mother's house was so clean you could eat off her floors but I don't have many tender memories of my childhood. My sharpest inner snapshots capture how manic she was about cleanliness and the smell of bleach. At the end of your days, what do you want people to say about you? Boy, that Carrie sure had a clean house? I'm ok with a messy house just knowing that I am really living in the moment and sharing some of those really breathtaking memories with my husband and daughter.

You are a great wife and Mom, and you are an amazing person, Carrie. In the longrun, that really is all that matters.

rowdystroudy said...

Wow! Amazing advice everyone! Thanks:)

Although my house has not been spotless these last few days (okay-ever), I have really really really enjoyed all the playtime with my kids. The dishes can wait until tommorrow. It's snuggle time.

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