Saturday, September 27, 2008

All I want for Christmas

is Brianna's 2 front teeth.

And some other things for my new house in Florida that looks something like this
(a bit different according to aaron)...
Conditioned Area: 1,796 sq.ft. Cov. Porches: 227 sq.ft. Garage: 446 sq.ft.

I've been eyeing this print called "conversation" forever. Get it here

Arn't these photos amazing? Get it here. LOVE this artist.

What a fabulous journal!! I loved the bright green one but I can't find it anymore. Get it from this guy.

and oh la la I want this camera lens

Oh and we can't forget a kitchenaid... good gosh by this point I don't care what color!

and a sewing machine

and a gift certificate to B&H photo, and iglooplay for my kiddos and future kiddos
and perhaps that old rusty red and black lawn chair for skinny people from my previous post.

and right now I am feeling really really greedy so I am going to go clean my bathroom to humble myself...


Mo said...

That journal looks awesome. And so does your house!!

Bethanne said...

Everything looks awesome! You are amazing as always...

Hey, I'd love to send you an invite to our blog (I know you've been missin' it!). Email me at and let me know who to send the invite to.

Kristie and Ryan said...

Whoa! That house has FOUR rooms!!! Carrie, what will you even do with so much space? Looks amazing, and somewhat new even... (sigh..) I am so happy for you to have found something so nice and I hope you get everything else on your wishlist-eventually. :)

J.L said...

What? A house? Last I heard you were going to stay with your in-laws for a bit. Did you guys buy a new house already?!
Your blog is always fun to read!
Love ya!
Hugs, Janice

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