Saturday, September 6, 2008

I believe

I believe in swing sets
I believe in McDonald's vanilla ice cream cones (but nothing else at McDonald's)
I believe in reading an entire book in one day and doing nothing else
I believe that every person in this world should have their own washer and dryer
I believe in blowing bubbles
I believe that every birth story is amazing
I believe that plane rides are never fun with children
I believe that having faith starts with hope
I believe that the grass isn't always greener and sometimes it's okay to be brown
I believe in autumn
I believe in a really good slice of chocolate cake with milk
I believe in drinking tea with my girlfriend
I believe in weekly facials
I believe in muscles burning after a great workout
I believe that owning a man's best friend is highly over-rated
I believe that socks were made for only me
I believe sand between my toes feels so gross when you're heading home
I believe in friendship
I believe that the sound of my son's voice is beautiful
I believe in being expressive and using your hands when you talk
I believe that waking up to a clean kitchen is worth the nightly hassle
I believe that road trips are insanely fun if you stop at random places along the way
I believe in thrift store shopping
I believe in love
I believe in motherhood
I believe in God
I believe that I am hilarious
I believe God has a sense of humor because I am so hilarious
I believe that good photos speak without making a sound
I believe in large fields with cows
I believe in vine-ripe tomatoes
I believe that when my son brings me a toothbrush wrapped up in a sock and calls it "baby" while he rocks it back and forth--he is going to be the best father ever.
I believe in my daughters singing voice
I believe in really great baby names
I believe in fresh flowers
I believe in surprise birthday parties every year
I believe that monopoly is the longest game ever
I believe that Dairy Queen is not that great (that one is for you, Steve!)
I believe in service
I believe in letting others serve you sometimes
I believe in a lot of laughter
I believe in chick flicks
I believe that the zoo seriously smells
I believe that I say "hush Spike!!!" 128 times a day
I believe in hot chocolate poured over 1 scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream
I believe that there are no happy endings, but there are definitely happy beginnings
I believe


Kristie and Ryan said...

I believe that you are one of the most wonderful, generous, and capable people on the planet. I just love you

Sarah in the Middle said...

This is wonderful. It made me laugh several times because I know you :) But it is also so beautiful!

theamazingjohnsons said...

Carrie, this is just beautiful!

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