Tuesday, October 28, 2008

house pics

So I only have time to throw a few pictures up here. Please note that I am still unpacking, so if it looks bare, that's because it IS:) It still need my character added to it with it being such a new house, but I know that will just have to take some time. I did get the LR/DR walls painted though! My bro-in-law David and his wife Jacie came over and we painted the whole space in a few hours. The ceilings are so high that I didn't think we could do it, but David hopped up on a really tall ladder and went to work. I just LOVE the color contrast of the blue with all my chocolate brown furniture.
Here's Kai screaming the whole time I took pictures. He didn't have a nap today because we were running errands (a tragedy if you know my usual 4 hour napping son).
Here's the kitchen. Notice the random basket on top of the cabinets and the 2 lone jars of pickles. I have no idea how that stuff got up there but I am too tired to take it down right now.
Our lone dining room without a table. It will be refinished soon:)

My bathroom that I adore. It's like a spa every day.

The outside at dusk.

Our fabulous backyard neighborhood with 4 cops all within 4 houses of us! We feel so safe:) On our first day here Brianna asked if she could go play in our field. I laughed so hard! What a sad life my little girl led with only a tiny patio in Seattle! She had no idea what a real backyard looked like. We are going to fence it in though, and I am worried that the boys who play football there will be so sad.

And I just HAD to put a few tricks out. It IS almost Halloween, you know.

It's such a tragedy. My deal of the century bar stools are too short!!

Okay, that's it for now.
I am on the floor in our office with mounds of boxes around me that I need to unpack!


Kelly P said...

Are you renting this house, or did you buy? It is beautiful. What a kitchen :)

lapierrefamily said...

beautiful house! im jealous! For the bar stools just stick really really fluffy seat cushions!!! those where such a steal! Glad you got there safe and you are doing well! Love the "field" lol. We live in a condo and would love any type of field!

Sarah in the Middle said...

It looks greaat! I love the blue - it works with the black and white so well, and with your couch so well. I'm so jealous of your kitchen :)
It feels kinda sad to see your stuff in another place . . . Almost as sad as your empty old apartment feels!

Agnes Minerva said...

Beautiful! Can't wait to see what other bits of loveliness you'll come up with there! I'm glad you adore your bathroom, too - that's so important.

Kristie and Ryan said...

oh carrie! are you kidding me? This is your house?? it's so beautiful, are you not freaking out every moment of the day? What an awesome kitchen and the bathroom, and I love the color you painted and it's just spacious and... wow. I had no idea it was going to be so incredible. Congrats to you guys. it's about time after all your suffrage here. :) (and poor kai)

Anonymous said...

I love the house!!! I too love the blue and brown, that is the same color scheem that we have in our home :)

Angie said...

Everything looks great! I agree, I love the blue paint! Hey, when do we get an invite to come down and visit???

J said...

WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! It is so great...really, really terrific!

J.L said...

Carrie, I am so happy you're getting settled in! I bet it's like heaven having a new house--a blank canvas! The blue you painted in the LR/DR is beautiful! How fun to have so much space to display your photos!
We love you guys and are so happy for you!
JL & Rick

Mary Seals said...

Are you sleeping by the washer and dryer?

Jessie said...

Welcome back to the south!!!
I love your new house!! It is beautiful. I love the blue that you painted....very nice!!

So, when are we going to get to see you guys? Hopefully soon!!

Darren and Brandi said...

Holy crap we are so jealous! Find us a house down there; we can't take this cramped place any more!!!

Cortney said...

So I looked at these pictures a while ago, and now I am looking at them again, still green with envy. I am so happy for you! I wish I could find something like this up here. Don't forget to post more later as you continue to add your Carrie touches. :) I'm anxious to have some inspiration for copying!

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