Thursday, October 30, 2008


I am not a candy person, at all. Keep your pop rocks, sour gummy worms and lollipops. You can take back your licorice, bubble gum and nerds. But there is something to be said of the tootsie roll. I see a tootsie (ha!), and I must have it. There is the sweetest satisfaction in opening the smooth wax wrapper, anticipating the chocolate chewiness that melts into my mouth. As I chew my saliva increases as though it is bubble gum, but no, soon it stretches out into one deep gulp.

I loved the old commercials. Remember the tootsie pop one with the owl? And the tootsie roll piggy bank? Those were the days.

I never have tootsie rolls around the house until All Hallows Eve. They come in my bags of Halloween candy to give, and in my kids Halloween baggies to take. I admit that I pick over my kids candy on that "dump out my load of goodies" moment. And what do I take? The tootsie roll. There are always so many, so who would care? But again, it is just for that moment that I eat any the entire year. And the day after, of course.

But today... today I broke my insanely strict "no sugar only low calorie whole foods" plan to embark on this tasty treat. And I wanted more. More and more. I didn't stop until I noticed what laid on my desk..15 tiny wax tootsie roll wrappers in front of me. And now inside me. And truly my brother and sisters, I don't regret one bite! If I knew who the maker of the tootie roll was, whether here on earth or in heaven, I would kiss his feet and then promptly ask where his stash was. I imagine a mountain of tootsie rolls in a gold vault, or maybe a brown and white valley considering the tootsie colors, or maybe it's just a hole in the ground like buried treasure.

Speaking of which, I need to go get some more Halloween Candy. We're now officially out of tootsie rolls.

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Bethanne said...

Oh, man, I love tootsie rolls too. But Dan? I won't share how he feels about tootsie rolls...I have just resigned to the fact that I just better not have candy in my house because I'll eat it all myself. Sigh.

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