Thursday, October 9, 2008


Guess what I found?

THESE black pottery barn barstools at a thrift store for..ahem...$10 dollars each. That is $40 for 4, people! They go for $229 EACH in the store. Oh my gosh. That is the best deal ever. And although I am moving and am getting rid of stuff, can you blame me for this purchase?

Can you picture it? Me.. sipping hot chocolate in one hand as I lounge so gracefully on my chair, resting my arm on the countertop saying, "yes friends..welcome to my home...let us stare at my barstools because they alone are worth the visit."


Kristie and Ryan said...

wow wow wow. you totally scored there. I can't believe anyone would give those stools to goodwill!! congratulations!

Mo said...

that is an awesome deal. It's always a good idea to grab a good deal when you find it! There have been many times I didn't buy something at thrift store and always regretted it.

Nick said...

I think I mentioned this beore but we have a pottery barn outlet near us that goes crazy every now and then on their sales. a lot might be damaged slightly but some stuff is perfect. For example, we bought some blankets there the other day that were on clearance for $10. Regular price was $80. We bought a lot of Davis' room stuff there as well. All for so cheap!! still, little things add up so now we try to avoid that place!!!

Sarah in the Middle said...

I can't wait for the day that I can sit on those barstools, drinking hot chocolate, gazing admiringly at your ivy-covered walls.
They really are pretty awesome - totally worth the space in those pods. Those pods that are hopefully making their way to you very quickly!!

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