Thursday, October 9, 2008

Oh I am so happy I found this site

Brianna and I have decided to hand out fun little feathers to our little trick-or-treaters instead of candy:) Any ideas for the bigger kids?
and WHY did I only just discover this place when were are moving away? Brianna has a rock collection..and this would have been so amazing for her birthday party. I am just kicking myself right now.


Josiah said...

feathers are NOT fun. Candy IS fun. I can explain why this is true in more detail if you would like. :)

iamwoman said...

oh, hush Joe. Little girls will love them:)

Mary Seals said...

I agree with Josiah. It's HALLOWEEN, you give out CANDY, otherwise what is the point?! Don't say you weren't warned when the little kids are walking away from your door and you overhear them WARNING the other children that YOUR place is giving out feathers (in that "don't even bother" tone of voice..). I mean, at least give PENNIES if you're stuck on not giving candy!!!

Nick said...

Hey, I wouldn't mind a feather if you could write letters and stuff with it. Or maybe if I could stick in my hat, or maybe hold it in my palm and then lightly blow it and watch it go flying off into a sunset or something.

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