Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sweet sweet girl

I know I am in the middle of tons to do before we move in a few days, but I just had to write this down so I don't forget (and brag about my daughter in the process).
Brianna was telling me today that a girl in school was being made fun of for wearing glasses (seriously, do kids still do that?) Well Brianna went up to her and said, "Katelyn, I think you are pretty and all that matters is how you feel about yourself. So remember that you are pretty and what other people say doesn't change that."
**oh my...somebody bring me a box of kleenex already.**

and then here's some photos I took at the oldest fabric store in the state of Washington Esthers. I think these prints will look so great in a craft/sewing room. They certainly make me feel inspiration:) They will be up for grabs in my etsy shop in the next few weeks:)


Angie said...

I love the buttons!

Kelly Parks said...

Carrie, you're such a good mom! Only a girl with a good mom would say something so sweet. Way to go.

Rachel said...

I used to be that girl with glasses and we need more girls like Brianna to help us! Good job!

Sarah in the Middle said...

What a sweetie! What comes out is a reflection of what's been going in - good job :)
I love the prints!

Four makes more... said...

Way to go Brianna. I too was one of those girls, only mine was about my home made clothes and my violin. You are so sweet and I will miss you!

Carrie your prints are so neat! I love stuff like this and one day...if I ever get my own craft/sewing room I will be wanting these. Carry on Carrie!

Bethanne said...

Love the pictures and love how Brianna stood up for that girl at school. Little girls can be so cruel...I'm glad that B. has been taught about self worth and taught to be herself! Kuddos to you two (you and Aaron) for raising her right!

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