Monday, November 24, 2008

Christmas Cards

The more I move the more people I get to know and love. And I love sending my insanely fabulous Christmas cards to those I love. I'm sure that some of you like getting my insanely fabulous Christmas cards, but there are some of you who don't. So if you are the some who do, please shoot me an email with your address at letting me know you want to feel my love, k?


Kristie and Ryan said...

Hey Carrie, it was so fun to catch up on your blogs just now. I love the pics of the cotton, they just scream "THE SOUTH" and I have that love because it's in my blood. My mom grew up in Tennessee and whenever I've visited the southern states, I just want to stay. there is a charm, or romance or something about it. I love seeing pictures of your house and what you're working on. I love the painting and know that you'll figure out the perfect wall color. We miss Brianna. the girls bring her up every so often and aren't comprehending the fact that she's really gone for good. I confess, I find it difficult to comprehend that you're really gone, too. miss you, love you!

AJ said...

Loved, loved, LOVED the Christmas card, Carrie. Thanks so much! Wish you were still here but so happy for you that you are all doing so well and happy.

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