Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dear Santa

Remember me? I'm the girl who wrote to you at least 3 times a year until I was 12. I appreciate all the letters you wrote back. You seem like a super cool guy. And that Rudolf, what a trip. I hope his attitude has improved since we last conversed. How was your vacation this past summer? And Mrs. Klaus and the elves? As busy as ever, I assume.

On to the business at hand, I have decided to ask for something a bit different this year. I know it may seem like a strange request, but do me a favor and hear me out.

What I really want for Christmas is a my very own MARTHA. You know, the person who can finish all the projects I have started. Someone who does it perfectly and in a timely manner,and then gives it back to me completed. I really really need one. I figure if she is going to make me feel inadequate by doing everything so homemade and so beautiful and so creative, I might as well just let her do it, you know?
The problem I have in general is that when I start a project, it's usually at the same time as 12 others, so then I get overwhelmed and either run myself ragged for the next 7 days, feeding no one in the process, or it just sits there...obtrusively...nagging at my creative soul. You don't want my creative soul to nag anymore, do you? Wait, hold on, will you? My kids keep interrupting me. It sounds something like food....hungry....need thirst quenched... Okay, I'm back. But seriously, I love being creative. But I have realized that I care more about the finished product than the actual creating part. So as long as I can still get the "you are so creative how did you come up with this?" vibe from others, I think I will be content to have someone else do all the work for me.

Truly Santa, I just need someone to hang Christmas decorations, finish sewing the quilt for my bed, design my holiday cards, mail my holiday cards, paint the office, arrange artwork on said office walls, create artwork for Kai's room, paint bed frame for my room, design and accomplish 24 days of Christmas crafts with the kids, organize genealogy, scrapbook Aaron's mission pictures, make Christmas presents, turn 1000 slides into digital pictures, finish the 7 crafts already started, etc, etc, etc, and maybe cook a duck a la orange once or twice.

I'm really not asking for much.

And because I was such a good girl this year....pretty please? (oh come on, we're not going to go into that one incident, are we? If you saw a soldering iron just sitting there in the middle of nowhere...)

Your BFF ~Carrie

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wilkinson_fam said...

A-freakin'-Men! You have vocalized my gift of choice! (Only MY Martha would clean toilets with homemade cleaning agents, mop my floor with organic ingredients from her gardent, and cook made-from-scratch meals nightly for my eating enjoyment). That's not asking much, is it?

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