Monday, November 3, 2008

Sweet Sweet Kai

So many "tankyou's" and "can I pay with Anna at park?" and "wuv you's" that my heart melts each time I look at him. I am so in love with this boy.

I love that he refuses to apologize.

I love that if his milk is not the perfect temperature he sends it back. Not too hot. Not too needs to be just so. Some nights he sends it back 3 or 4 times until I get it right.

I love how he lights up every time he sees a train or a plane or a car or a truck.

I love how curious george and wally are his best friends.

I love his laugh.

I love how I have to put him in time-out atleast 5 times a day, because he gives the best hugs when he gets out.

I love how he screams "Daddy" or "Mommy" if either one of us walk through the door.

I love that when he sees a train or a plane or a car or a truck, he grabs our arms and screams until we see what he sees and love it just as much.

I love that he splashes so much in the tub every night that I have to use 2 towels just to clean up the floor and that he is always so insanely messy.

I love that he is so rowdy and jumps on the couch even when I tell him not to and growls at everything and everybody and thinks a can opener is a weapon or dinosaur depending on the day and that he loves his sister so much and that he is learning to talk so well and amazes us all with his strength and stubborness and humor.

I love everything and anything about him. I love who he is and who I know he will become.

I love you, my sweet sweet rowdy little boy.


Jana Heller said...

isn't it amazing that the things that can drive you the most crazy about a person can also be the things that are the most enduring about them as well. he's very cute carrie!

Tara said...

I can't believe how old he looks! When I moved, he still held onto some toddlerhood. Now he's 100% little boy!

Anonymous said...

Let us know the details about the party. We'd love to come! Jake can give you the recipe there. :)

Cortney said...

I wish I could see all those wonderful things! We do miss that little guy around here.

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