Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

There was a fiasco about Brianna's costume. I had bought her a snow white costume that I thought she would look so pretty in with a red bow in her hair. Then her friend decided that she could borrow her rock-and-roll star costume which consisted of a shirt and skirt and some glitter. Brianna just went nuts over the idea because apparently she doesn't like princesses anymore. I was NOT happy. Alas, my daughter won the debate, because frankly, I have to choose my battles and a Halloween costume is not one that should be on the frontline.

My little girl. She's growing up all too fast.....

And then there is Kai. He spent the whole night growling and chasing princesses at our neighborhood block party. He is so dang cute.


Bethanne said...

Cute pictures!

I think I'll die when Leah leaves the Princess stage. I am SO unprepared. :)

Sarah in the Middle said...

The image of Kai running after countless princesses ROARing at all of them is just too much for me. He is so stinkin cute :)

Sarah in the Middle said...

p.s. I like the new header!

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