Monday, December 1, 2008

24 Days of Christmas

I have the high aspiration of doing something Christmas-y every day. I want to give my family some fun memories of cookie making, decorating, crafting and gift-giving this season as well as preserve those memories. Therefore I blog what we have done. This idea is, in retrospect, insane. However, pretty much everything I do is copy-cat anyway (with a bit-o flare from me), so it's just a matter of my following instructions:)

So let's begin:

Day 1
Our advent calendar. Some socks strung up on a rope with a small present and scripture/lyric/song/silly reindeer dance inside. I stuck some scrapbook sticker numbers on for the day. Luckily I adore socks, so I had some fun ones already on hand. Thank you for the idea Martha.

I LOVE wreaths. I'll be be making a ton of different ones. This is one where we just gathered some sticks and pine cones from the woods and twined them together (okay--just kidding--it's all Michael's, baby) and then I glammed it up with some ornaments. You were about to feel totally and completely inept as a crafty mother, weren't you? No no--don't worry. I'm not THAT good.

and hung some of the same ornaments with fishing string to the chandelier. It's all bright and sparkly. I love it.

I love edible decorations. I put some cloves in some oranges, put them on a cake plate with some leaves and berries and voila! It smells so good.


lapierrefamily said...

Very Cute! Now can you come over to m y house and decorate?

Sarah in the Middle said...

Yup, feeling inept :)
Just kidding! Everything looks adorable, and I will be shamelessly copying it all.

Rachel said...

Ooh, so pretty!

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