Wednesday, December 17, 2008

present pain

My husband is kind of hard to shop for, especially when I want it to be thoughtful as well as functional. It's the thinking part that always gets me. Thankfully he does give a list, or mention things he likes throughout the year, so I am not completely in the dark. If I am smart enough, I write it down in that moment when he says it, whereas most times I am a bit distracted with other things and I forget.

Well this year, I was super proud of myself. He saw something on TV 6 months ago and loved it, and I wrote it down. About a month ago I had to do a search for it online, but I found it and ordered it and I was so excited because it was seriously thoughtful and functional.

And then dear husband of mine came out of the office yesterday announcing that he bought the exact same thing for someone for Christmas, and while he was at it he got one for himself.

Seriously? Seriously.


3 Bay B Chicks said...

What a cliffhanger of a post. What was the gift? Something that is both thoughtful and function for a man...I must know. :)


JoCo said...

OH, NO!!!

Sarah in the Middle said...

That's the worst!! You're so mad at them, and technically they didn't do anything wrong. Except they should KNOW that you don't buy anything for yourself in the month of December!!

Kristen said...


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