Monday, December 15, 2008

tiny snow-laden villages and such

How sweet is this? It took Brianna and I forever to put together, but it was worth it:)

and check out her dresser! Aaron completely refinished and painted it. It is so awesome to have a husband who can take something ugly and make it beautiful.

The pink knobs were, of course, my idea:)


Anonymous said...

Awesome..way to go Aaron..Carie you..and Brianna

Jana Heller said...

very cute! you guys are awesome! you are missing some great weather here! (sarcasm)

JoCo said...


J said...

I want you to come to my house and help me make one of these...I love I love this room!

Katie said...

Very cute!

J.L said...

I love your village! Where did you find the pattern for that? I love it!
And the dresser looks awesome. Good job, Aaron!
I hope you guys are doing well!
It looks like you're having a lot of fun this seaon.

Kristen said...

So adorable! Where did you find out how to make that village? And the dress looks awesome--along with the coffee table you posted earlier. It looks like you guys are doing great!

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