Tuesday, December 16, 2008

gimme a t-h-r-e-e

Good morning, my sweet boy. Today you are three. What more perfect day can you have your cake and eat it too? Chocolate cake batter is the perfect breakfast, of course.

You have enlightened us with your smiles and growls for three years now, and I can't think of a better way to be enlightened. If only I could growl just as good. Maybe one day, you can teach me. Although I somehow believe that a growl such as yours is one-of-a-kind.
Thankyou for teaching me how to love little boys with a perfect love. Thankyou for teaching me patience and how to see the joy in a simple cake batter turned mud pile. Thankyou for coming into my world little man. I waited for you, and you were worth the wait.

Today to celebrate your wonderfulness I will let you take the longest bath ever with as many bubbles as you want. And I will clean up the messy floor from your taking the longest bath ever without complaint. And we will play with your train and watch Wall-E and Curious George. And I will chase you around the living room not because I want to, but because YOU want to and you are super fast. And I will attempt to make a monkey cake because I think it will make you growl for joy. I say again, attempt. And we will do all of this for you not because it is your birthday (although that is a bonus because we get cake) but simply because you are you. And oh, how grateful I am for that.


Tara said...

He's so cute and such a BOY! And so lucky to have a good mommy who will allow him to make those boyish messes all over the house today!

ps. close up cotton, si vous plait? It's beautiful!!!

Kristie and Ryan said...

happy birthday kai! your kids are going to love reading all this stuff you write for them someday.

and your house is looking so cute carrie! I love the christmas decor and what you did in Brianna's room.. it's beautiful! the little houses are insanely cute-look what you can do with a little time on your hands!

Sarah in the Middle said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Kai! I love your crazy hair that reflects your personality so well, the glint in your eye, and the way you love PLAY! Have a wonderful day today - I know you'll rock at 3.
Love from, "Hah", "Juwee", "Babee", and your big wrestling partner who I don't think you've given a name. Mostly you just give him head-buts.

Jana Heller said...

happy birthday kai! you are a sweet boy and jackson always asks to wear the coat or shoes that kai gave me. he also tells everyone that kai gave them to him even when the person doesn't know who kai is. he misses you!

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