Saturday, January 3, 2009

Go To Sleep!

Oh my gosh. My kid won't go to sleep. Christmas REALLY messed up his schedule. I was less than consistent about when he went to sleep due to all the distractions, and now I am paying for it dearly. So now here I am still in my pajamas, sweaty, un-showered and it's in the middle of the day when I should have my entire house clean by now and feeling oh-so productive. Not even close... because my son won't go to sleep. Right now, I still hear him jabbering away in his room.

Last night I had the kids bathed by 7:30 and read to by 8pm. Lights out. By 9pm, Kai had gotten out of his bed 19 times. Yes, I counted. Aaron got home from work (ooh--Daddy is home so let's play!) and proceeded to put a gate up in his doorway and tape his light switch so he couldn't turn it on. The screaming began. It made me so mad because I was TRYING to watch Super Nanny about how to get kids to behave. The irony. I caught myself saying, "Kai--go to bed right now so I can watch this show on how to make you go to bed." It took him until 11pm to go to sleep. In and out of his room nonstop.

And then today. Nap time at 12--and it is 1:30 and he has come out of his room more times that I can count. I was so frustrated I got out my camera to help me see the lighter side of it all. He had knocked most the books off the shelf trying to read them all. I mean, I feel bad, you know? I hear myself saying all the time, "I'm not reading any more books to you, Kai!" Do you SEE what my children do to me?

I found this dresser for 39.00 at a thrift store. Solid wood. yeah!

Darling son of mine, PLEASE GO TO SLEEP!


Kelly P said...

Heck with taping down the light switch - tape the boy down!!! Just kidding. Kinda ;) No really, kidding. Hope no one from child welfare reads this.

Sarah in the Middle said...

I hate that feeling when my kids won't go to sleep - it's like I'm watching my prospects for a good day tomorrow slowly slip away . . .
After the schedule goes haywire, it always takes Juli a full 3 days of the same exact schedule to start to get back on board. (It's amazing how it only takes 1 day to screw it up, but 3 or more to fix it). Don't give up!

B said...

Oh my goodness the pictures are adorable, even if the stinker won't go to bed! I was terrified of this exact thing with my kids, so I totally kept to a schedule and now reading this I am so glad I did!

Lulucarrot said...

Dear Carrie,
Feel better. Last night at 1130 I had none of my 3 kids asleep even though I started bedtime at 8.
Love, Erica
P.S. Savannah had no light bulb in her room for 2 years because we could NOT keep her in bed with the light off so we stripped her room bare and pulled out the bulb.

Bethanne said...

I felt the same way over the was to the point where Jackson was waking up MULTIPLE times during the middle of every night too. Yikes. We were so exhausted. I just hope he can get back into a schedule (for everyone's sake!)

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