Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Yesterday was my kick-off to my new workout/eating plan. I had a plan, a good one, and I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired so I needed it to work. I was motivated and I felt optimistic about my plan, which is always a great feeling.

I was at high-intensity with my workout. I had just lifted weights and I was pumped and sweaty. I decided to throw in a FIRM workout to get some more weights/cardio in. It was a fun video using Tae-bo moves with punches and kicks. It took me back to the days of my college workouts and I was feeling great and having fun.

And then something moved. Or I moved, rather. And my high-kick turned into an excruciating earth-rattling bang to my ankle when I kicked the coffee table instead. I screamed. I sobbed. I swore. I could not move my foot. It became swollen, and black and blue, and I was furious.

My stupidity had caused me to lose focus and injure myself. If I couldn't do my workouts because I could barely walk--where did that leave my plan? Out the window. Again. My frustration began...

And then it stopped. So what if I could barely walk? I could still work out my upper body and do leg lifts. I could still tone. I could still eat right and be in control of myself. Eventually my ankle will heal. One day it will be less swollen and the bruise will go away. And when that day comes, I won't have to start over on my plan because I quit when something unexpected was thrown my way (or kicked to be exact).

And so my plan begins, er, continues.


Rachel said...

Ouch! Ugh, that sounds painful! Hope it heals fast. Did you find out if it's broken?

I AM Woman said...

I know what you mean about the being sick and tired all the time. Good for you for now letting the "Kick Off"get you down enough to quit. I, too, have started a regimen of exercise at the gym. However, the eating right hasn't came into play yet. Plus, I am going to Florida for 2 wks. I will try my best but you know how it goes.

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