Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I'm about to make caramels

and boy am I nervous! Today is a "make caramels day", don't you think? I have tons of other stuff to do, but pish-posh hog-wash it will all just have to wait. I am so excited to make them, but the recipe is almost full proof and today is not a good day for me to get disappointed. It has been a hard week, and I would really love these to work and be delish!

Wish me luck!

BTW- how do you say it? I always say Care-a-mellllllllll. But some people say Car-mel.


Rachel said...

Definitely car-mel.

wilkinson_fam said...

I can't believe you are mean to tease us and not SHARE the "fool proof recipe." For mean! But I will patiently wait. Or, at least, wait.

BTW- LOVE the print you sent me. You are SO DANG talented. I feel blessed to call you my friend, dear Carrie.

Have a happy, CAR-MELLY day!

lapierrefamily said...

car-mel here and they are yummy send some my way!!

Jessie said...

I say car-mel!! And thanks I am going to be craving some now!!

Jana Heller said...

car-mel for me! how did they turn out?

Angie said...

John and I both say Care-a-mell.

On it lists both pronunciations, but when you click the hear button, they play the Care-a-mell pronunciation, yay!

Kelly P said...

Car-mel for me. But I wonder why. It really should be care-a-mel. Maybe you say care-a-mel because only carmel is car-mel (like Mt. Carmel in PA) ?? Just a thought.

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