Friday, January 30, 2009

the sweetest smells

Last night I snuggled with my babies. Hardly babies anymore considering the combination of their two bodies cover mine entirely. It was late. Too late for a bath and too late to lay there snuggling and reading llama llama red pajama. And yet we did. And they smelled dirty, these children of mine.

Brianna smelled of sweat and tears from a sad day at school. People are scared of her, she says. "Why in the world would they be scared of you, babe?" She said she didn't know but it just hurts her feelings and Kailey can be so mean and sometimes she doesn't turn around when she calls her. But Deven is sweet. He wrote her a love letter about her eyes and smile and "I don't want this to sound too scary, but maybe I'll see you in the library." Sweet smelly dirty little girl.

Kai smelled of sweat and plain 'ol dirty boy. He had played hard and jumped and wrestled and sat and watched one too many movies. Three to be exact. And he did not get a nap. And he screamed because he wanted more milk before bed. And as I lay there singing "hush little baby don't say a word" and stroking his hair I found myself in love with this one. Sweet smelly dirty little boy.

Don't grow up.

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Jana Heller said...

we have llama, llama mad at momma. if you don't have it, you need to get it. it is soo cute and funny. that is a beautiful picture. i am not looking forward to lily going to school and having friend problems. i don't want my children to be sad. tell brianna she is beautiful and my kids miss her and kai to death

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