Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Chocolate Chip Cookie Contest

Here's the truth: I am horrible at making chocolate chip cookies. In all honesty, I probably make them 1x a week and then throw the entire batch away because they turned out so bad. I used to make good ones...back in the day... who knows what happened (ahhh..memories). I know. I need therapy.

I had a recipe in Columbus, Ga that I mastered. John and Angie, do you remember them? They were really really really good. Then we moved to Seattle and the same recipe wouldn't work. After many attempts...I mastered them again using a different recipe. But now that recipe won't work here. I don't get it. My husband is annoyed. I am annoyed. My children are annoyed because I am so annoyed. He asked me tonight, "so how exactly do they turn out so bad?" Oh woe is me.

I am raw in cookie dough emotion.
I need a contest; to prove to me that there really is a recipe deemed as da-bomb-diggidy. And if I can make it turn out well, than you will earn the winning title of the woman who has the Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe.
I love to bake and I am actually pretty good. With that said, I cannot handle another chocolate chip recipe gone bad. I need help. So if your recipe is really good, I promise that I have enough baking know-how to make them turn out well if you give me instructions. But you also might want to get specific. "Throw it all in the bowl" does not really work for someone else trying to make it exactly as you do. Unless you really do that. And then I'm gonna call you Rachel Ray and start making fun of you. A lot.

You will even get a prize from me. As if the title alone doesn't bring you enough glory.

Come on, send those recipes to!

The cookies will be judged on flavor, texture, consistency, and dough batter tastiness etc... And there will be a full-blown contest with actual judges beyond myself. Volunteers anyone? Next week I will spend one entire day baking my heart out, tasting, judging, and hopefully falling to my knees in gratitude to a floor inevitably covered in flour and random chocolate chips.
Contest rules:
The deadline for sending me your recipes will be Tuesday February 24th.
Judging will be Friday February 27th.
The Winner will be announced Saturday February 28th.
Please include a note as to why your cookies are the best and a brief description as to their origin. For instance, "I got it off a box" or "I stole it from my next door neighbor. Serves her right for never returning my glue gun." would work just fine.

Wahoo! Let the baking begin!


Mo said...

The only recipe I can submit is the Nestle Tollhouse one. However, I can tell you the tricks I use.

1. Never use an electric mixer. I always mix with a wooden spoon which seems to make a huge difference.

2. Take them out of the oven a little before they are done. Leave them on the cookie sheet and they will continue to cook while the sheet cools off.

3. Milk Chocolate chips.

Good luck!!

Dre Drea & Drew said...

Well I can't help you with this one. My idea of making cookies is Break and Bakes :-)... I am a horrible baker

Rachel said...

Okay...I'm emailing you a couple recipes that I LOVE! They are seriously soooo good!

Snelders said...

You know, I've heard that some recipes (such as bread, cookies, cakes, etc) cook differently in different climates. Supposedly that is why sour dough bread is so good in San Francisco. Who knows . . . My husband makes the best chocolate chip cookies, but for some reason I can't ever get the recipe to work for me. I know part of it is taking them out of the oven just before they are done and allowing them to finish cooking on the cookie sheet. For me, the best thing to do is: (1)Go to Costco (2) Buy a box of Otis Spunkmeyer chocolate chip cookie dough for around $10 (3) Take home and bake. Get the perfect cookie every time!

Pittman Four said...

Okay first off the elevation affects cookies between here and out west. Out there you need more of that and here you need less of that. Whatever that was I don't quite remember!!!!

Good Luck... I hate chocolate chip cookies so I just think you shouldn't make them. The world will be a better place for it. There's just tooo many chocolate chips in the world :)

Kelly P said...

Mmmm, just thinking of all the yummy cookies you are tasting today. It is wet and dreary (and suprisingly warm) here today - cookies sound like they would HIT the spot!! Happy cookie eating.

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